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I am a professional creative, educator, game designer, and public speaker; as well as an all-around problem solver. I’m an award-winning graphic designer, illustrator, and recognized as an influential educator. My creative knowledge and interests focus on art, design, and game theory. My expertise in these areas have attributed to the successful launch of a variety of video game edutainment titles for companies like Nordic Software and Family Interactive in the past, and more recently for traditional game titles, like Battle for Sularia, from Punch-It Entertainment and Argent Saga, from Alter Reality Games.





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Since 2006, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great clients – both locally and internationally. I love meeting new people and learning about who you are and what you do; and how I can help your service, product – your brand – grow!



John offers in my opinion some of the most creative and innovative design approaches here in Lincoln. He is courteous of his clients, competitive in price, and has an extraordinary design vision. John has to be one of the most talented artists I know in general and his talents shine in every piece of work that he does. I have utilized John’s services with my current organization as well as past organizations. He maintains excellent communication with his clients and takes a personal interest in all of their projects. This interest translates seemlessly into a companies general marketing strategy.

John is a pleasure to work with, and he was well regarded at Stanley. I was always very pleased with his results and how he accomplished them. Not only is the quality of his work top-notch, but John showed uncommon leadership in coordinating the redesign of the website, rolling out new business processes, and mentoring other members of the Marketing Department. Because of these qualities, I was able to offer him an expanded role and more visibility within Stanley.

If you are in need of top notch creativity John is your guy! John also works well with clients, is always punctual, trustworthy and consistent.



Graphic Design / Featured Project: Battle For Sularia

The Battle for Sularia card game was a large-scale design project for Punch-It Entertainment. The project included design work for product logos and iconography, play cards, play mats, game boxes, art and rule books, tradeshow materials, web design, art direction for the card illustrations, and more for Battle for Sularia; Blood, Profit, and Glory; Reign of Terror; The Good, the Bad, and the Savage; and Chronicles of Sularia. The following showcases some of the brand defining work from the project.

Graphic Design / Featured Project: Argent Saga

The Argent Saga card game was a design project for Alter Reality Games in Medina, Ohio. The project included logo, iconography, card design, along with art direction of the card illustrations for set 1 and 2, expansion 1 and 2, and a number of promotional cards—over 400 in total.

Graphic Design:Logo and Iconography

John Kimmel Creative has worked with a variety of amazing clients over the years. That relationship typically begins with designing or re-designing the client’s logo. Whether for a company or a specific product, the logo and related iconography is arguably the most important visual identifier that helps define the brand.

Graphic Design:Print on 2-Dimensional Media

The following print design is a collection of work that features brand identity, direct mail, posters, greeting cards, specialty coupons, brochures, and print materials for promotional campaigns. The work spans across several industries which includes the automotive industry, agriculture sciences, education and social programs, communication technologies, marketing, entertainment, and sports.

Graphic Design:Print on 3-Dimensional Media

Graphic design for toys is not something we get the most requests for while based in the Midwest. However, it is one of the most personal rewarding projects to work on—frankly, we love this kind of work! The following includes concept designs for Mez-Itz and Toy2R Qee vinyl toys.

Illustration:Comic Book and Cartoon

John Kimmel Creative specializes in illustration. Styles include cartoon to photo realism. While we can produce work for most subject matter, we prefer fantasy and science-fiction themes. The following work showcases both traditional and digital work.

Illustration:Fantasy and Science-Fiction

Art Direction:Game Art

Art Direction

Are you a game designer or publisher looking for amazing art for your board, card, or tabletop games? John Kimmel Creative has experience with art directing freelance artists as well as art studios in the US and several countries around the world. This allows us to produce amazing work, in large volume, and within a tight deadline when a project calls for it.

Head Hunter by Justine Cruz | Battle for Sularia.

Art Direction:Battle for Sularia

Battle for Sularia is a science-fiction themed trading card game by Punch-It Entertainment. The game takes place in Sularia, a post-apocalyptic world, where factions of man, mutants, monsters, and machines fight over the resource known as Sularium and for control of the planet itself. Character designs and world settings for the five opposing forces in the game include the Jotune, Synthien, Protoan, Exsularian, and Mercenary factions. The project was made up of more than 90 unique pieces covering The Battle Begins starter set, Blood, Profit, and Glory expansion pack, Reign of Terror faction pack, and The Good, the Bad, and the Savage faction pack. The portfolio here showcases some of the best artwork from each faction.

Art Direction:Argent Saga

Argent Saga is a fantasy themed trading card game by Alter Reality Games. The world of Argos is set in a fantasy world made up of humans, dragons, vampires, steampunk machines, and more. It twists and blends existing historical and classical fantasy tropes to create a unique cast of characters and world settings for the six factions of Argos. These include the Dark, Light, Air, Fire, Water, and Argent elements. John Kimmel Creative art directed set 1 and 2, expansions 1 and 2, along with several promotional artworks—spanning over 400+ unique pieces. The portfolio here showcases some of the best work from set 1.


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